The Advantages of Simple Allocation Strategies


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Is Your Diversified Portfolio Truly Diversified?Is Your Diversified Portfolio Truly Diversified?

Mutual funds—and more recently, exchange-traded funds (ETFs)—have offered safety and diversification by allowing individual investors to buy shares in many companies to spread risk. It is important for investors to understand what role they play and what role the fund managers’ play in ensuring proper diversification of their portfolio. Additionally, investors need to understand when fund companies fail on proper diversification, how that results in improper diversification and what impact that could have on their portfolios. We highlight what diversification is and why it is important, then discuss why an appearance of being diversified may not mean that your portfolio is truly diversified. Finally, we identify ways that fund managers and investors can damage their portfolio diversification.

The Alternative Portfolio:
Diversifying Away From a Traditional Allocation

Charles Rotblut, CFA

“How can I construct a portfolio that is capable of producing returns different from those of the S&P 500 and long-term Treasuries and that is also capable of warding off the threat of inflation?” Here, we highlight a portfolio that does just that. This alternative portfolio does complement a more traditional portfolio. It includes a mix of assets that provide diversification benefits to a traditional portfolio and enhanced returns over the time period studied.

The Real-World Lessons From Investment TheoryThe Real-World Lessons From Investment Theory

Modern portfolio theory is the accepted approach to portfolio management today, with its implications embedded in the portfolios of most major mutual fund families and the advice given by well-known investment advisers. But many investors are unfamiliar with the underlying principles. What you need to learn from investment theory, and how to apply it to your real-world investment portfolio.

The Advantages of Simple Allocation Strategies

Investors are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of diversification, which is a fundamental idea underlying modern portfolio theory. The phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is one that has been familiar to investors for thousands of years. When one is properly diversified, one is not overly concentrated in one investment. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to know which baskets they should be using. This article sets out to answer the questions related to selecting asset classes that fit your personal risk and return goals.

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How likely is it that fundamental tax reform will occur during the 115th Congress?

AAII Readers Discuss Tax Reform & Ways Federal Government Could Boost the Stock Market

Now that the 115th Congress has convened and a new president has been sworn in, it is time for those in Washington, D.C., to get down to actually governing. As is typically the case, a lot of promises were made during the campaign season. Often these promises are just empty words. One promise that is a perennial favorite, especially among Republicans, is tax reform. With a Republican president and Republican-controlled Congress, the likelihood for “true” tax reform seems high. AAII readers weigh in whether they think fundamental tax reform is on the agenda for the current Congress and how they think the federal government can boost the stock market.

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