The Essence of the Benjamin Graham Approach


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Volume Surges Have a Fading Impact on ReturnsVolume Surges Have a Fading Impact on Returns

Generally speaking, stock movements accompanied by spikes in volume are thought to be more meaningful and more likely to continue versus those movements made on relatively light trading volume. While new data from Australia shows that stocks experiencing a spike in volume tend to outperform, the outperformance is short term.

The Essence of the Benjamin Graham Approach

Ben Branch

Most investors know of Benjamin Graham, considered the father of fundamental stock analysis and value investing. Graham himself wrote some of the “sacred texts” of investing and numerous other books have been written trying to explain his investment philosophy. If you aren’t interested in reading a book about Graham’s strategy and philosophy, this article offers a cut-to-the-chase synopsis of Graham’s rules, which were based on buying stocks trading with a margin of safety.


Stock Market VolatilityStock Market Volatility

It’s often said that the market rewards long-term investors. This AAII InvestoGraphic includes four charts of large-company stock returns that support this claim. As they show, the longer your investing time horizon is, the less volatile and the less risky the stock market appears to be.


Valuing Growth Stocks

One of the surest ways to fail as an investor is to consistently overpay for assets. This article, written by an AAII member, outlines their approach to valuing growth stocks to reduce the chances of overpaying for growth and avoiding disappointing performance.


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AAII Survey: Readers Comment on Early Impact of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Our readers offer their “too early to tell” thoughts on the impact that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is having on their financial situations.

AAII e-book: Stock Investing Strategies

Many investors find the prospects of investing in individual stocks too time consuming or complicated. This e-book, which is available exclusively to AAII members, was written to help our members get started down the path to investing in individual stocks. This book provides a general outline for analyzing stocks and walks you through the process as it is practically applied to specific types of investment approaches.




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