The Impact of “Fake News” on Investment Research

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Common Questions About Medicaid and Medicaid PlanningCommon Questions About Medicaid and Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a needs-based medical assistance program administered by federal and state governments. However, state and federal governments continue to tinker with Medicaid eligibility and spend-down rules. Planning opportunities are currently available (even though a spouse may already be in a nursing home) that may not be available in the future. Even better planning opportunities exist if neither spouse is in a skilled care facility.


Keep Taxes From Cracking Your Nest Egg

Stephen M. Horan

Retirees, have you ever wondered if there was a tax-efficient way to tap the variety of accounts your nest egg is invested in? There is. The conventional wisdom tells you to liquidate your taxable accounts first, then your tax-deferred accounts (like traditional IRAs) and finally withdraw money from your tax-free accounts (like Roth IRAs). However, there is a better way.

Stocks: An Underappreciated Asset Class in Retiree<br /> PortfoliosStocks: An Underappreciated Asset Class in Retiree Portfolios

More older Americans than ever before are pursuing second careers in retirement, engaging in their communities through volunteer work and living healthy, active lifestyles. Yet when it comes to managing their investments, too many retirees are working from an outdated playbook, one that de-emphasizes the crucial role of equities. This disconnect between modern retirement lifestyles and an old-fashioned approach to investing underscores a big risk that can threaten retirement bliss: the chance that a retiree might outlive his or her assets.


Retired Investor: Getting Through Difficult Markets

We all want to achieve retirement security—and to maintain our sanity during volatile market periods. If we could only predict tomorrow’s markets, we would handily satisfy these needs—we would be able to sell before a market decline and buy at the bottom. Here’s a look of some of the attitudes and skills needed to navigate through rough waters toward a secure retirement.

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How worried are you about rising cybersecurity threats to your financial information in the aftermath of the “WannaCry” ransomware cyberattacks?


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Last Week’s Results:

How serious do you believe threats of fake news impacting your ability to make investment decisions is?

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The Impact of “Fake News” on Investment Research

Most of us are probably fed up with “fake news.” But as investors, we must be vigilant about not falling prey to fake news that could lead us to make ill-informed investment decisions. Last week’s reader survey asked how big of a threat is fake news to the investment process. In addition, we asked our readers how they protect themselves from acting on fake news.


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