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Piotroski Price-to-Book Screen

The ranking system’s highest scores work well for high price-to-book stocks, but F-Scores of 6 to 7 work better for low price-to-book stocks.

Financial Statements »

Using Accruals to Judge How Persistent Earnings Will Be

Accruals can be described as forecasts of future economic benefits; if they are too optimistic, future earnings will be reduced.

Behavioral Finance »

The Dual Personalities of Investors

Investors’ personalities often change from being balanced to a “dark zone” of greed, self-sacrifice and a sense of powerlessness.

Portfolio Strategies »

Power Your Portfolio With Value

An all-value portfolio realized higher long-term returns and its excess performance can even allow for a bigger allocation to bonds.

Portfolio Strategies »

A Former Hedge Fund Manager’s Contrarian Strategy

Stocks, bonds and cash are all assets to consider; Robert Shiller’s CAPE ratio can serve as a trigger to rebalance in and out of stocks.

Portfolio Strategies »

How to Take Advantage of Risk Factors

Factors have been proven to lead to higher returns. What you need to know about tilting your portfolio toward them.

Member News »

Member News 2017

Reports on what’s happening in the association this year, including reader responses to Jim Cloonan’s new “Investing at Level3” book, announcement of our fall Investor Conference, AAII’s 2016 financial summary, awards given by AAII for the best academic papers on investing, and reminders of special member benefits.

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Briefly Noted

Current news items of interest to individual investors.


Members comment on investing fads, shielding assets from Medicaid, Faber’s Trinity Portfolio, and true trendlines. Plus, a correction to HSA information.


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