The Truth About Top-Performing Mutual Fund Managers


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:

It’s only natural for investors to look at past performance when selecting managers of either mutual funds or separate accounts. Almost everyone is impressed by a strong track record. However, investors may be making a crucial mistake by fleeing from recent losers and flocking to recent winners, especially if they act on relatively short-term results

Charles Rotblut

This article discusses the differences between individual bonds and defined-maturity funds and compares and contrasts the defined-maturity fund offerings from three firms. It also includes real-world examples of monthly and final distributions.

Choosing The Right Mix: Lessons From Life Cycle Funds Splash imageEach life cycle fund represents a diversified fund of mutual funds that a mutual fund family recommends for typical individuals who anticipate retiring on a specific target retirement date. What you can learn from four life cycle fund families.

  • Selecting Active Equity Mutual Funds: Don’t Get Caught in the Middle
    AAII BlogAbout 70% of active equity mutual funds are closet indexers that generally fail to beat the market after fees. Mutual funds with market-beating performance tend to be highly active, hold relatively fewer stocks and are of smaller size. This article highlights how to weed out closet indexers and identify truly active funds.

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AAII Mutual Fund Classroom

If you’re contemplating the investment in mutual funds, you’ll want to arm yourself with some basic information. A tour through this classroom gives you all the tools you need to get started. Topics covered include: how funds are structured; how to assess your risk tolerance when selecting a mutual fund; which fund reports you need to read before investing; and how to buy and sell fund shares.



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