Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Austin


Date: Monday, May 19, 2014
Topic: The Big Squeeze: How Taxes Are Squeezing Your Income, How Interest Rates Are Squeezing Your Assets
Speaker: Tony Muhlenkamp, President and Chief Compliance Officer, Muhlenkamp & Company Inc.

Over the past years, Muhlenkamp & Company has written extensively about the self-defeating nature of extensive taxation and how interest rates and inflation affect your purchasing power. Tony Muhlenkamp, president at Muhlenkamp & Company, addresses why bonds are no longer a good place to invest your money, the dangers behind “creative sources of yield,” why Muhlenkamp & Company prefers owning companies with low dividend payouts, and where the company is bullish. Further, Muhlenkamp provides insights into how low interest rates are impacting companies’ defined-benefit pension plans and why investors should care. This presentation is the synthesis of 40 years of observations based on facts.

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