Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Boston


Date: Saturday, June 1, 2013
Topic: Improving Trading & Investment Returns Using Market Seasonality, Cycles & History
Speaker: Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Chief Market Strategist, Magnet Fund; Editor-in-Chief, Stock & Commodity Trader’s Almanacs

Jeffrey Hirsch will provide an in-depth review of the first five months of 2013 as well as how his annual forecast made last December 2012 has panned out so far and any changes he may have. He will focus on the flip side of his renowned Best Six Months Switching Strategy and what the prospects are for selling in May this year. He will also cover other current seasonal and cyclical trading opportunities as detailed in his Stock & Commodity Trader’s Almanacs and his Little Book of Stock Market Cycles. He will conclude by sharing current investment and trading ideas, pinpointing entry and exit prices using an array of technical analysis tools and chart patterns for highly correlated exchange-traded funds and top-ranked small-, mid- and large-cap Magnet stocks.

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