Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Denver


Date: Monday, November 19, 2012
Topic: Social Security: When to Start; How to Coordinate With Investments
Speaker: Paula and Robert Grey, Principals, Denver Money Manager LLC

Important questions for you include when to begin taking benefits; how to coordinate Social Security with other sources of retirement assets and income; how to decide when to claim which spouse’s benefits, especially with differing ages/income; how to avoid a common trap involved in signing up for both Medicare and Social Security at the same time(!); understanding future cost-of-living adjustments’ impacts from current decisions; when, why and how to implement the little-known “claim-and-defer” strategy; and how taxes are affected by Social Security. This session will explore these and other important issues and will include detailed examples including replies to members’ questions. Access to important online calculators that help you make savvy decisions will also be provided. Bring your spouse, neighbors, friends and work colleagues! You’ll get real answers, much more useful than those from government offices! Family members and prepaid guests admitted at member rate.

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