Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Denver


Date: Monday, October 28, 2013
Topic: Demographics: Huge Implications for Investors

Speaker: Bart Womack, Professor, San Juan College

Good investment decisions begin with a top-down view. First the economic outlook, then its implications for sector and industry, and finally individual security analysis. The economy is too often discussed on a quarterly basis in the media, but a big-picture longer view is crucial. Demographic trends must not be overlooked! Total population growth/decline as well as age profiles will inescapably shape future demand for goods and services, and thus economic growth and corporate profits. Bart Womack, an expert in demographic analysis and forecasting, will enlighten members on what the future holds. We already see the effects of aging and shrinking population in Japan. What of Europe, Africa, Latin America, and of course the U.S.? Some really striking changes are in store and must not be ignored by investors. Don’t miss this significant presentation, and why not bring a friend or colleague to show them the benefits of AAII?

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