Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Long Island


Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Topic: Risk and the Global Capital Markets
Speakers: Brian Luster, Principal and Portfolio Manager, The Abernathy Group II; Steve Abernathy, Manager Member and Portfolio Manager, The Abernathy Group II

Federal Reserve policy has caused investors to move further along the risk spectrum away from short-term income-producing investments into longer-term, more speculative investments. Convinced that Bernanke’s “Fed put” will not prevent further negative systemic macroeconomic events from transpiring, Brian Luster will discuss his firm’s cautious outlook for the U.S. and global equity and credit markets. Steve Abernathy will then offer a general perspective on risk management in the portfolio allocation process, and some outside-the-box ways of thinking about risk management that differ significantly from the perspective offered by modern portfolio theory.

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