Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Milwaukee


Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013
Topic: Fiscal Cliff, QE3, Bond Bubble: What’s Really Happening in the Fixed-Income Markets
Speaker: Jeffrey L. Bryden, CFA, President, CIO, JB Investment Management, LLC

There is growing concern among many leading strategists about the propect for bonds based on current record-low interest rates, despite their “flight to safety” appeal. With short-term interest rates near zero and the 10-year Treasury yielding under 2%, moving some funds into stocks with reasonably secure growth outlook and compelling yields has made sense to many investors. What does this mean for your portfolio? Are you taking the right level of risk? Investors need to identify the rate of return they need to achieve their goals and construct a portfolio based on that return objective. Jeffrey Bryden will discuss the fear of a “bond bubble,” QE3 and QE4, and he will put the current environment into perspective.

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