Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Northern New Jersey


Date: Monday, May 12, 2014
Topic: How to Revitalize the American Economy and Regain the American Spirit
Speaker: Bruce Johnstone, Senior Marketing Investment Strategist, Fidelity

The American economy and U.S. corporate profit growth are beset with slow growth for many domestic reasons: intrusive government policies, intransigent domestic politics, massive entitlement and debt loads, and an undereducated work force, to name a few. Internationally, the U.S. now faces economic slowdowns from an over-indebted Europe, a slowing China, and a possible Cold War rebirthh. Market valuations have risen in spite of these hurdles. This talk by Bruce Johnstone will present steps that could help to shun pessimism and to resolve these negative conditions in order to ramp up U.S. and world GDP growth.

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