Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Pittsburgh


Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Topic: Four Diverse Investment Strategies
Speaker: Herb Geissler, Managing Director, St. Clair Group

Interesting times, as the Chinese curse says, are upon us, with high global unemployment and slow recovery in global economies. Meanwhile, market valuations march upward. Major corrections are long overdue, but few are willing to miss the up-moves. Is hunkering down the best course? If so, when should you move out of or into securities? Which securities are best to consider or hold? In this presentation, Herb Geissler will analyze the current economic and stock-market climates. He will describe specific economic indicators that you can easily track to judge when the economy and stock market are growing or faltering. Finally, Geissler will present four simple investing strategies that require little effort yet enable you to avoid big drawdowns and to retain more of your hard-won market gains.

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