Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Southwest Florida


Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012
Topic: The Investor’s Quest: Obtaining an Edge
Speaker: Ray Rondeau, CMC Investing

It’s a fact that markets change and evolve. We are now in a trader’s market environment and having an understanding of the basic elements of technical analysis and risk control is a requirement to succeed in today’s new investment world. The good news is that many of the basic and most important concepts can easily be learned and applied by anyone, and without the need for any specialized software or costly training. The presentation introduces attendees to techniques used in these strategies that are frequently used by professionals to get that elusive edge on the markets. We start by examining a basic approach to keeping individual equity positions relative to each other so that they have an equal effect on the overall equity portion of their portfolio. We then proceed by taking these volatility adjustment weightings and explaining some of the basic principles of creating and maintaining an equity market neutral position in the markets.

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