Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Washington D.C. Metro


Date: Saturday, November 10, 2012
Topic: Hidden Dangers of Exchange-Traded Funds, and The End of Cash
Speakers: Tim Hanson, Senior Equities Analyst,The Motley Fool and Joe Magyer, Senior Analyst, The Motley Fool

Despite their growing popularity, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are not accomplishing for investors what many think they are accomplishing. This is particularly true when it comes to emerging market allocations, one of the fastest-growing ETF sectors, where funds are overexposed to dangerous areas of the market (such as Chinese banks) and underexposed to more promising areas (such as technology and consumer staples). Where are the real opportunities? Our first speaker will give us his insights. A seismic shift in the fast-changing payments industry is forming because of the rise of smartphones and e-commerce. Everyone from Apple to Visa wants their hands in the pie, but only a few companies will make off like bandits when all is said and done. Our second speaker will share his take on where payments are headed, which technologies are contenders and pretenders, and which companies will thrive and which companies will die.

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