9 Guidelines for Achieving a Successful Retirement


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:

The Schwab Center for Financial Research has come up with nine guidelines to help you reduce your financial stress and give you the upper hand as you move into retirement.


The Paycheck Strategy for Lifetime Investing focuses on buying individual bonds that pay current interest for retiree’s cash flow. Creating a predictable cash flow will enable you to focus on enjoying your retirement without worrying out movements in the market.


NewRetirement is an online retirement planning service that helps investors see how well-prepared they are for retirement.


Many retirees believe that they can live off of the interest from their investments while preserving principal. But it is virtually impossible today in light of increasing life expectancies and the backdrop of ultra-low rates. That is why retirees should consider boosting their allocations to equities.

 Our Member Question for this week is:

How confident are you that you (and your spouse) will have enough money to live comfortably throughout your retirement?


Vote to answer this week’s Special Question: What are your top 3 questions or concerns about retirement planning?

Last Week’s Results:


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Introducing the Level3 Passive Portfolio

The new Level3 Passive Portfolio is an ETF portfolio comprising index funds that should have returns higher than the S&P 500 over the long run. The portfolio is based on research carried out by AAII’s founder James Cloonan as he was writing his new book, Investing at Level3.




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