A Closer Look at the Level3 Passive Portfolio’s ETFs


Investment Knowledge and Age Associated With ETF OwnershipInvestment Knowledge and Age Associated With ETF Ownership

Owners of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tend to have higher levels of financial knowledge than do investors who do not own ETFs. ETF holders also tend to be younger in age. Notably, a focus on expense ratios does not play a significant role in defining who owns ETFs.

A Closer Look at the Level3 Passive Portfolio’s ETFs

John Bajkowski

In this detailed look, we explain how the Level3 Passive Portfolio’s funds differ from the S&P 500 index and highlight the traits that could lead to outperformance.


Multiple Share Class Mutual Funds Have Unfavorable Traits

Multiple share (MS) class mutual funds are likelier to have lower board quality ratings, have managers whose wealth and compensation is less dependent on fund performance and charge higher fees than their single-share class funds.


For Mutual Funds, Competition Doesn’t Mean Lower Fees

Expense ratios for U.S. domestic equity funds operating in more competitive market segments “charge significantly higher annual expense ratios than funds operating in less competitive market segments.”

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As the Federal Reserve moves to raise short-term interest rates off their 10-year lows, which do you agree with more: that low interest rates do good for consumers or that low interest rates hurt savers?

Low interest rates hurt savers and investors:


Low interest rates are good for consumers and business borrowers:


Poll results are as of 9 a.m. (Central) on Monday. 1,033 respondents.

AAII Survey: Readers Weigh in on Impact of Low Interest Rates

Our readers offer their thoughts as to whether the near-record-low interest rates of the last decade were more of a benefit to consumers or did more harm for savers. Our readers also discuss how the low interest rate environment has impacted them as investors.

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