A Key to a Lasting Retirement Portfolio


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Aging's Adverse Impact on Decision MakingAging’s Adverse Impact on Decision Making

The aging process can hurt your ability to make proper decisions about your finances. On average, 29.2% of individuals aged 80 to 89 have cognitive impairment. While the aging process affects everyone differently, it is important to protect the investment portfolio you have spent years accumulating. Here are several suggestions for protecting a retiree’s portfolio from the risks of impaired decision making later in our lives.

A Key to a Lasting Retirement Portfolio

John Sweeney

If you’re retired—or near it—ensuring that your retirement investment portfolio lasts your lifetime is critical. And that’s not easy because by nature the stock market is volatile. What if a market downturn takes a bite out of your investment portfolio? While you cannot completely control the market’s impact on your portfolio, there are things you can control that can also make a significant difference in how long your portfolio may last. This article outlines the steps you can take to extend the life of your retirement portfolio.


Allocating for Final GoalsAllocating for Final Goals

Are there goals you want to accomplish before or at death that require a significant financial commitment? If so, have you allocated your portfolio accordingly? The vast majority of financial guidance and advice regarding retirement focuses on ensuring that savings last throughout the remainder of a person’s life. Though it is a critical part of financial planning, such guidance does not fully address the planning questions of those fortunate enough to have more than is needed for retirement expenses. It also often does not address planning and funding final lifetime goals. This article offers insights for addressing those goals.


Strategies for Married Couples: How to Coordinate Your Plans

Most people think of their 401(k) plans allocations in isolation. But for married couples, it may be better to “marry” your allocation strategies as well. A look at the coordinated approach to retirement investing.

Our Member Question for this week is:

What steps have you taken to transfer financial decision-making in the event of cognitive impairment? Choose all that apply.


Vote to answer this week’s Special Question: What conversations have you had with your spouse, children and/or financial advisor(s) regarding the possibility of your cognitive impairment?

Last Week’s Results:

Does the decision by MSCI to include the shares of Chinese companies in its emerging market benchmark make you more or less likely to invest in a fund that tracks the index?

Poll results are as of 9 a.m. (Central) on Monday. 1,337 respondents.

Inclusion of Chinese Shares in MSCI Emerging Market Index Leaves Retail Investors Unmoved

Last month, U.S. index provider MSCI Inc. announced it would add domestic Chinese equities to its global emerging markets benchmark index. The company had declined to add the shares for three years leading up to the decision. The index company said it will add 222 China “A” Large Cap stocks on a gradual basis beginning next year. Our weekly survey question asked readers if the inclusion of Chinese shares in the index will alter the likelihood of them investing in products that track the index. We also asked our readers what they see as the biggest benefits and risks of investing in Chinese companies.

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