AAII Journal September 2016 Issue


The September 2016 AAII Journal is

Now Available Online.

Feature ArticleThe Top ETFs Over Five Years: Health Care Loses Some Ground

  • Six of the 10 top-performing ETFs are from the health care category; homebuilding, consumer staples and bond funds are also on the list.

Also in This Issue:

Retirees should only risk the savings they don’t need; young investors should allocate as much to stocks as their risk tolerance allows.

These 16 stocks are profitable, have low price-earnings ratios and have rising earnings estimates.

Value stocks perform better because the markets are not perfectly efficient and investors overpay for growth.

Discussing our attitudes toward money can result in healthier relationships and leave a better, lasting legacy with our heirs.

Tetlock’s analysis of forecasting tournaments found that the best forecasters are open-minded and able to distinguish between many degrees of uncertainty.

Answering questions about Jim Cloonan’s new Level3 Passive Portfolio, clarification on the IRA rollover rules, and a comment on corporate cash.

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