AAII’s Most-Read Articles for November 2016

Here are the Top 10 articles from AAII.com for November 2016 (based on unique page views):

Everyone wants to keep a pulse on the economy, but no one wants to wade through the massive volume of statistics. A look at the top 10 economic indicators can help you narrow your focus.

Starting a bond ladder creates income now and produces cash flow that can be used to reinvest if and when interest rates do rise.

The decision to own a mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF) is dependent on a variety factors.

Time to take an inventory of your mutual funds. How many are there? What are their investment styles? Is your portfolio of mutual funds cluttered just like your closet?

Only a small minority of Baby Boomers are accumulating enough savings to provide for their income needs. But those approaching retirement can improve their financial security in retirement, depending on their flexibility and their approach to four big decisions that are under their control.

The O’Neil approach seeks stocks whose characteristics mimic those of past big winners before they ascended into greatness.

Geraldine Weiss’ approach seeks dividend-paying, blue-chip stocks with attractive yields, growth and financial soundness.

Even in retirement, it is important to maintain a large allocation to stocks.

Better analysis, more trading and more professional investors have made it even easier to lose at active investing, and win by indexing.

Computerized Investing Exclusive: No matter what type of investor you are, keeping an eye on your portfolio is always a priority. Here we highlight several Best of Web candidates that we feel are above and beyond the rest for their simplicity, offerings and cost.

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