AAII’s Top Articles for May 2016


Here are the Top 10 articles from AAII.com for May 2016 (based on unique page views):

Everyone wants to keep a pulse on the economy, but no one wants to wade through the massive volume of statistics. A look at the top 10 economic indicators can help you narrow your focus.

While a conservative allocation lasts 35 years at a 3% withdrawal rate, higher withdrawal rates require greater exposure to stocks.

Computerized Investing Exclusive: A simple spreadsheet that allows you to input a few estimates and see whether you will have enough savings to last through your retirement years.

Many investors have sought shelter from the stock market storm in more mature dividend-paying companies. But in this market environment, how can you be sure a company has the financial resources to continue payments? Signs and warning flags you can use to evaluate the safety of a company’s dividend payment stream.

Starting a bond ladder creates income now and produces cash flow that can be used to reinvest if and when interest rates do rise.

Declines in overall yields may result in dividend strategies failing to provide adequate levels of income for retirees.

The question every investor wants to know is: How well am I doing? Although some people are satisfied simply watching the dollars grow, most investors want that translated into a performance figure. A look at two methods for calculating your portfolio’s return.

Computerized Investing Exclusive: Using debt ratios to analyze the stability of a company over time and against its competitors, its sector and its industry.

Health care has not only remained the best-performing category, it now boasts seven of the 10 funds with the highest five-year returns.

Articles that propose some arbitrary number of rules for doing something can be surprisingly seductive. This article focuses on the arbitrary number of 9–but the underlying rules themselves are critical if you invest in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, or are contemplating investing in them.

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