Beyond the Index Card – Implementing the Advice of the Financial Experts


This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:

The Individual Investor’s Guide to Personal Tax Planning 2018

The Individual Investor’s Guide to Personal Tax Planning 2018AAII’s annual tax and financial planning guide is designed to help you assess your current tax situation given the new tax law and plan for any changes that may improve your tax liability both this year and next.

Beyond the Index Card: Implementing the Advice of the Financial Experts

Harold Pollack, Ph.D.

Harold Pollack is the Helen Ross Professor at the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago and co-author with Helaine Olen of “The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated.” This article discusses his 4×6 index card, which lists all of the best free financial advice the average person would need.


Well-Built 529 Plans Can Be a Great Option for College Savings

Well-Built 529 Plans Can Be a Great Option for College SavingsA 529 savings plan, also called a qualified tuition program, allows you to build up savings to pay for qualified higher education at eligible institutions using tax-free dollars. They are funded with aftertax dollars, which then grow tax-free. Withdrawals for qualified education expenses are also tax-free. On top of that, some states offer tax deductions or credits for contributions.


Financial Planning: The Substance Beneath the Froth

Systematic personal financial planning involves considering one’s financial situation from a lifetime perspective. An ideal plan involves developing a hierarchy of goals. Basic objectives are then secured before less urgent ones are addressed.

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AAII Survey: How Many Brokerage Accounts Do You Have and Why?

If you want to buy and sell individual stocks and other investments, you pretty much need to have at least one brokerage account. However, one question many investors ask is whether they need or should have more than one brokerage account. We asked our readers how many brokerage accounts they have and why they have multiple accounts.

Financial Planning Resources

The Financial Planning section of focuses on the all-important element of personal finance. When most people think of financial planning, they automatically focus on retirement planning. While this is an important aspect of financial planning, it is not the only component. The “Financial Planning with AAII” area includes two useful guides: Lifetime Investment Strategy and AAII’s Tax Guide. These guides (benefits of AAII membership) help you master the guidelines for long-term successful portfolio management as well as help you assess your current tax situation and plan for any changes. There is also a collection of must-read articles devoted to the topic of financial planning to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

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