CI Weekly Features: December 22, 2012


The Top Online Portfolio Trackers
An in-depth look at the best websites for tracking your portfolio’s gains and losses and measuring its performance.

The Put-Call Ratio
An explanation of a sentiment indicator that can signal potential market tops and bottoms.

GoDocs for Google Docs and Google Drive for iOS
Read, edit, download and share Google Docs from your iOS device.

Gadget Corner – Qlocktwo Classic & Qlocktwo Touch

An analog wall and desk clock that puts time in words.

Sitelight – Real Time Economics

Real Time Economics is a website that contains exclusive news, analysis and commentary on the economy, Federal Reserve policy and general economic topics.

Featured Download – Vertex 42 Debt Reduction Calculator

The Debt Reduction Calculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that helps you plan how to reduce credit card debt, auto loans, student loans and other debts.

This Week’s Question

Do you read or consider an app’s privacy policy before installing it on your mobile device?

A) Yes
B) No

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