CI Weekly Features: January 21, 2012

This Week’s CI email features:
Technical Analysis Resources
A look at the wealth of education you can access at’s Technical Analysis area, plus the charting options found in our security research area.
Accounting scandals of the past have brought to light a number of companies with questionable accounting practices. Although the issue is not as prevalent as it was during the days of Enron, there are still companies that engage in aggressive accounting, pay out excessive compensation, and practice questionable self-dealing., now a part of Morningstar, takes a closer look at companies’ financial statements and routine SEC filings to find this buried information so that investors can be well informed.

Beating the Market With Charles Kirkpatrick
The market downturn over the last year or so has been a nightmare for many investors. On one end of the spectrum are the “buy and hold” investors who saw their portfolios battered by the broad-based decline in equities.

Gadget Corner – Monster Cable Products Outlets to Go Power Strip With 4 Outlets
Portable power strip.

Featured App – BlackGold iPad Edition
Track a variety of commodities on your iPad.

This Week’s Question
Given a choice, which portable computing solution would you choose?

A) A “traditional” notebook/laptop
B) An Ultrabook (full-featured, highly portable Windows notebook)
C) A Macbook Air
D) An iPad
E) An Android-based tablet (Galaxy Tab, Xoom, etc.)
F) Other (click here to tell us which portable computing solution you would prefer the most)

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