CI Weekly Features: January 7, 2012


This Week’s CI email features:
Technical Analysis & Charting Programs
What to look for in software that is dedicated to technical analysis and charting, and in-depth reviews of the top three programs in this area.
It should come as no surprise that international investing is beneficial to the portfolios of individual investors. Modern portfolio theory tells us that there is an efficient frontier, which plots the highest return investors should be able to achieve at each level of risk. Theoretically, international investments expand the efficient frontier further than domestic-only holdings do. This means investors are effectively able to generate higher returns at each level of risk or bear less risk for a given return.

A Hybrid Technical-Fundamental Stock Trading System
Part three of our series on Grant Henning’s stock approaches combines the momentum and value strategies into a hybrid.

Featured App – Stock Ticker Pro (Android)

Android app displays a scrolling ticker on your Android device for almost any stock ticker in the world.

Download of the Week – Investment Risk Analyzer

Investment Risk Analyzer runs directly in Microsoft Excel. As the name implies, the program allows you to evaluate your investments and see how your portfolio is allocated among stocks, bonds and treasury securities.

Gadget Corner – Netgear NeoTV Streaming Player (NTV200)

Stream online content to your TV.

This Week’s Question
What tech trends are you most looking forward to in 2012?
A) Expansion of faster mobile networks (4G LTE)
B) Introduction of new Ultrabooks (highly mobile, yet full-featured Windows notebook computers)
C) Release of the iPad 3
D) Release of new tablets to challenge the iPad
E) Other (click here to tell us what tech trends most interest you in 2012)

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