CI Weekly Features: June 16, 2012

“Risk-Wise” Risk Management
A look at Michael Carpenter’s book on managing risk in your portfolio.

Stock Repurchase Activity
Where to find news on companies that announce stock buyback plans and the level of overall buyback activity.

Pageonce—Money & Bills
Automatically track, control and pay your bills.

Gadget Corner – SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth Speakerphone

Sleek, compact hands-free kit for making calls and listening to GPS directions while in the car.

Sitelight – Chartastic

Chartastic is a free online charting service that offers ample, easy-to-use features.

This Week’s Question

When dining at a restaurant, would you rather order and pay via a table-top screen or with a traditional waiter?

A) Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer ordering from a real person
B) It doesn’t matter to me, as long as my order’s correct
C) I am all for it since computerized ordering will cut down on the mistakes and speed up service

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