CI Weekly Features: March 31, 2012

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“Risk-Wise” Risk Management
A look at Michael Carpenter’s book on managing risk in your portfolio.

Online Discount Brokers
A look at the pros and cons of the five online discount brokers most used by AAII members.

Gadget Corner – booq Mamba catch S

Laptop shoulder bag with oodles of pockets fits 13-inch laptops.

Featured App – Earnings Calendar for iPad
App for iPad and iPhone that keeps track of company earnings announcement dates.

This Week’s Question

How much of a discount would you require before choosing an online/electronic-only version of a publication over a print version?
A) No discount required; I prefer electronic publications over print
B) Less than 10% discount
C) Between 10% and 20%
D) More than 20%
E) I would never opt for an electronic-only subscription, no matter the discount

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