CI Weekly Features: October 20, 2012


Stock Data
The wealth of resources you’ll find by typing a stock symbol into the ticker window on our website.

A Simple Valuation Spreadsheet
AAII’s valuation spreadsheet offers an easy-to-follow, systematic format for valuing a stock.

Avid Computerized Investing readers know that is a CI favorite for charting and technical analysis education. What makes it one of the best charting websites is that it provides a remarkable amount of valuable information for free.

Gadget Corner – Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung’s third phone from its Galaxy series gives the iPhone a run for its money.

Sitelight – Stockpickr

Stockpickr is a wholly owned subsidiary of TheStreet, which is best known for its founder, former hedge fund manager and current Mad Money Presenter Jim Cramer. Stockpickr combines social networking with stock investment ideas to create a professional, yet incredibly open and useful service.

This Week’s Question

How many text messages, on average, do you send per day?

A) 1-5
B) 6-15
C) 16-25
D) 26-50
E) More than 50
F) None

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