Key Questions About When to Retire


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Stocks: An Underappreciated Asset Class in Retiree PortfoliosStocks: An Underappreciated Asset Class in Retiree Portfolios

More older Americans than ever before are pursuing second careers in retirement, engaging in their communities through volunteer work, and living healthy, active lifestyles. Yet when it comes to managing their investments, too many retirees are working from an outdated playbook, one that de-emphasizes the crucial role of equities. This disconnect between modern retirement lifestyles and an old-fashioned approach to investing underscores a big risk that can threaten retirement bliss: the chance that a retiree might outlive their assets.

8 Ways Online Retirement Planning Is Superior to That Printed Report Stashed Somewhere in Your Desk

Stephen Chen

The founder and CEO of NewRetirement, an online retirement planning service, describes concrete ways you can benefit from having a digital plan instead of a hard-copy plan.


Key Questions About When to RetireKey Questions About When to Retire

One of the biggest financial and lifestyle decisions that individuals and couples face is deciding when to retire. Though some people are forced into retirement either because of employment changes or health problems, the choice for many others is made at their own discretion. Here are some key questions to ask when considering when to retire.


Retirement Planning: A Step-By-Step Approach

More than any single factor, money will determine when people will retire and the type of lifestyle they will have during retirement. This article is designed to help you determine your income needs during retirement and create a plan to achieve your objective.

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AAII e-book: Profitable Retirement Planning

This e-book, which is available exclusively to AAII members, was written to help our members achieve a financially secure retirement. The book offers an overview of many of the primary considerations for retirement planning, including: how much you need to save; where your retirement income will come from; what asset classes you should invest in; and what you should take advantage of in your company’s defined contribution plan (if available).




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