Most-Read Posts for November 2016


Here are the most-read AAII Blog posts for November 2016:

A low-interest rate environment has helped to fuel a run-up in the prices of dividend-paying stocks. Equity-income investing is once again fashionable, but some investment advisers have always preached the long-term benefits of investing in dividend-paying stocks. Lowell Miller is known for his disciplined, dividend-focused investment strategies. Here we outline his investment approach as outlined in his book, “The Single Best Investment: Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth.”

A look at Keynes’ evolution from a spectator to a successful value investor and the godfather of behavioral finance.

What’s the key to making good investment choices? It isn’t necessary to understand the inner workings of the securities markets or the mathematical economies underlying investment theory. These 10 axioms of effective investing provide the critical cornerstone for guiding investment philosophy and making decisions. This will ensure that you meet the universal goal of creating financial wealth for retirement.

With the right education and information, individual investors are fully capable of becoming effective managers of their own assets. If you have the time, interest and discipline, we truly believe that you can manage a stock portfolio that can outperform most mutual funds.

The allure of target date funds is simple: a single fund that provides a diversified portfolio and alters its allocation as shareholders approach the date when cash withdrawals will be taken. The promise of an “all-in-one solution” to investing for retirement is attracting both investors and employers. Yet, behind the simple appeal are complex strategies that offer more volatility and risk than these funds are perceived to have.



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