Most-Read Posts for October 2016


Here are the most-read blog posts for October 2016:

Covered call writing is one of several ways options are traded. While often done on an ad hoc basis, one can assemble and manage a portfolio of covered call option positions as either a part of a larger portfolio or on a stand-alone basis.

A 2009 study found that cognitive function peaks at age 53 and starts to decrease rapidly, on average, for people in their 70s. As more members of the baby-boom generation start moving into their 70s, this data takes on special significance.

By segmenting their portfolios based on when they will need the money, retirees can fulfill both short-term cash and long-term growth requirements.

Guy Spier, manager of the Aquamarine Fund, outlines nine key rules to a better investment process.

Looking at the type and frequency of communications, portfolio holdings, manager stability and expense ratio caps can help with the fund selection process.


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