Some, But Not All, AAII Members Have Adjusted Their Investment Strategies


This week’s special question asked AAII members how, if at all, they have recently adjusted their stock investing strategy. Slightly less than one out of every four respondents (23%) said they have not made any recent changes. Equal numbers of respondents (20%) said they have shifted more into large-cap or value stocks. About 13% of respondents said they have increased their cash allocations.

Here is a sampling of the responses;

  • “I am looking at value more than growth-oriented stocks.”
  • “I continue to invest with the same asset allocation plan, regardless of whether it is a bull or a bear market.”
  • “I stopped buying because everything is overpriced.”
  • “No significant alteration, although I have taken some profits and kept the proceeds in cash in lieu of the present elevated level of the market.”


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