The Alliance for Investor Education Presents “Funding Your Future: The 2017 Investor Boot Camp”


The Alliance for Investor Education is sponsoring a free Investor Boot Camp on Tuesday, December 5, at The Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C.

Attendees of Funding Your Future: The 2017 Investor Boot Camp will hear from experts on a range of investing topics, explore free resources, and gain support from organizations and agencies to achieve their financial goals.

This free event will include three panels, a light snack and refreshments. RSVP required.

Panel 1: What’s Next? Investing for the Long Term

Investors will learn about the process of investing, vehicles for investing, and basic strategies for planning for their financial future, including setting goals, assessing risks, and understanding investment products. Panelists will touch on planning and investing at key life stages and for all populations including military servicemembers and their families.

Panel 2: What’s Next? Managing Investing Risks and Rewards

Investors will learn about various types of behaviors that can pose risks to their investments, including reaching for yield, attempting to time the market, and over- and under-managing investments. The panelists will talk about each type and provide strategies for recognizing and avoiding these behaviors.

Panel 3: What’s Next? Making Wise Investing Decisions (and Getting Help When You Need It)

In this session, investors will learn how to do their due diligence about investment products and financial professionals, strategies for choosing a financial professional, and steps to take to check out an advisor and/or an investment before investing. Investors will hear how to spot the red flags of financial fraud, as well as what to do if they or a loved one is a victim.

AAII is a member of the Alliance and AAII’s Senior Financial Analyst Wayne A. Thorp, CFA will be a panelist at the event.


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