Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Los Angeles


Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012
Topic: 7 Books in 49 Minutes
Speaker: Phil DeMuth, Ph.D., Managing Director, Conservative Wealth Management

Phil DeMuth is co-author with Ben Stein of seven investing books. In this presentation, DeMuth will attempt to distill the essence of these books into an action-packed lecture, with a special emphasis on the good parts that might interest the individual investor.

Topic: Is it Worth Trying to Beat the Market? How to Make Sound Choices in Today’s Volatile Markets
Speaker: Janet Brown, President, FundX Investment Group; Editor, NoLoad Fund*X

Learn from 30 years of successful fund investing. Janet Brown will share the secrets of her “Upgrading” strategy, which has led NoLoad Fund*X to be the #1-rated investment newsletter in the Hulbert Financial Digest for the past 25 years on a risk-adjusted basis. Upgrading is a disciplined and quantitative approach that allows investors to successfully participate in a broad range of opportunities as they develop. It is the process of investing in top-performing no-load mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), holding them for as long as they outperform their peers and upgrading to the new winners when they don’t. It combines the ability to recognize opportunities as they arise with the flexibility to move assets when leadership changes.

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