Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII New York City


Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Topic: The New Way to Play Emerging Markets

Speaker: Reshma Kapadia, Staff Writer, Barron’s Magazine

Reshma Kapadia argues that the next wave in investing in emerging markets is the abandonment of the well known MSCI Emerging Market Index. The BRIC nations, which make up 43% of this index, have faltered since 2009. Further, the large companies that dominate the index are often state-owned and export-dependent on the U.S. The MSCI Frontier Markets Index (which includes such countries as Kenya, Vietnam and the Philippines) is up 9% over the year compared with its far better known big brother, which is down 2%.The most rewarding investment opportunities in these frontier countries relate to consumer-oriented sectors and dividend-paying equities in these frontier countries, and Kapadia explains how to take advantage of these tempting opportunities.

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