Upcoming Chapter Meeting: AAII Portland


Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Topic: The Stock Screening Process: Featuring a Shareholder Yield Screen
Speaker #1: Al Zmyslowski, Individual Investor, AAII Silicon Valley Board Member
Speaker #2: Charles Rotblut, CF, Vice President, AAII; Editor, AAII Journal

Al Zmyslowski will discuss the development of stock screens using a shareholder yield screen as an example. He will begin with brief comments on screening and backtesting tools, determining the size of your investment in stock screens, and using screen results as a start for further analysis. Zmyslowski will then discuss the background and development of the shareholder yield screen, along with backtesting results and comparison to benchmarks. The process of implementing a screen, including running and updating the screen periodically and estimating and minimizing trading costs, concludes the session. Reference material covering additional screens, statistical performance of screens and an overview of volatility control and timing systems will be provided.

Then, AAII Journal editor Charles Rotblut will give you actionable strategies for striking a prosperous balance between reward and risk. Maximizing the potential for reward is about identifying attractive investments and prudently managing your portfolio. Reducing risk is about limiting behavioral errors and avoiding investments with a greater likelihood of decreasing in price.

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